Golf MK7 GTD Remapping

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Golf MK7 GTD ECU Remapping and electronic engine tuning software (remap).

The Diesel MK7 2.0 TDI engine found in the MK7 Golf GTD comes stock with enough power but after a few months as we have found it becomes “normal” so if you looking for a performance boost why not look at remapping and software tuning ?

 “230 BHP in around 4 – GOLF MK7 GTD Remapping Guide By”

golf mk7 gtd rolling road run


So what company’s are offering ecu remapping service for the Golf MK7 GTD ?

  • Superchips
  • Super Nova Tuning LTD
  • APR
  • Elite Remaps

These are few of the remapped MK7 Golfs we have driven to be honest there is not much of a difference between company’s and how the vehicle drives, We did seem to find the custom remap from Super Nova Tuning to be quite the one to go for both in terms of cost and in terms of value for money.

From Just £380 Including the VAT and a rolling road run as to prove the 45 BHP and 100 NM gained not only is it proven but its fully custom made to what you want ie aggressive, smooth basically you can pick and choose how you want the power delivered and how you want the GTD engine to react to you right foot.