Golf MK7 GTD

mk7 golf gtd red

Golf MK7 GTD

The Golf GTD on the MK7 platform is in our view the best bang for buck in the UK golf car market. With its economical 2.0 TDI engine giving great power and torque figures its no snail. As its diesel you know the economy is going to be. Okay its not the quickest but not the slowest with a simple remap you could be seeing 230 BHP from the GTD.

golf mk7 GTD white

Golf MK7 GTD has genuine performance scope she already rolls out Lowered, stiffened even a electronic limited slip diff for all you traction geeks so your able to lay the GTD torque down on the road.

With a casual fuel economy of 45mpg even when you’re ringing its neck your safe in the knowledge your bank balance is not taking a beating. Looks wise its no longer the flat povo spec of the mk4 TDI it actually has style that would put the creepers on the A class CDI that retails considerably more than the GTD Golf.

For the sake of saving in running costs why have the GTD over the GTI ?

Simple the GTI is a cracker and its only £600 More in terms of money however unless you looking at the MK7 Golf R we just dont see the point the GTD wins overall including over the Golf R.