Rebellion Automotive MK7 Golf Tuning


3Rebellion Automotive Golf MK7

Rebellion automotive and tuning have been arounf for quite some time providing tuning, remapping and rolling road services for many high profile cars and clients alike.

Not only are rebellion genuinly car heads themselfs they also have a seriouse passion for customer service. We can even finf one bad word about these guys. With clients world wide rebellion aere litrally pleaseing the world with tuning !!!



Product Description of the Rebellion MK7 Golf Tuning Box

The Rebellion iTuning Systems are built with performance in mind. Full instructions are on our website and most kits are extremely easy to install and can be done at home. Gains for the MK7 Golf GTI are as follows:

  • 55BHP
  • 95nm

Box contains:

  • Rebellion¬†System
  • Wiring Loom
  • Cable Ties


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rebellion automotive golf mk7