The Best Golf MK7 R Exhaust ?


So who makes the Best Exhaust ?

So we have a fair few exhausts on offer for the MK7 Golf R but what is the Best for you and your R.

Below we have found some videos so you can almost try before you buy. If your looking for a CAT back exhaust system or a de catted straght pipped system well do our best to find em all, ohh and if your a lover of the DSG crack we will chuck some of that in too for good measure.

first up the loud one…. Golf MK7 R Armytrix exhaust

Hold on there is more…… DSG FARTING below

The BCS Powervalve !! sounds sick it kinda is too check it out below

We dont think much to this remus exhaust from the Golf R but here it is anyway….

The Best Golf MK7 R Exhaust ?

Tell us what you think, to be quite honest we think the Armytrix exhaust for the MK 7 R is proberbly the best duw to being switchable you get loud mode that is nothing short of insane then you can have it a bit quiter if its not your everyday thaaanng.

Well soon be out and about doing real mans road testing of the Golf R exhaust systems mentioned.