Alternating indicators Golf MK7


Alternating indicators Golf MK7

We thing this is pretty cool !! we are unsure of thre legallity so please check we hold no liability for any of your actions.


How to with VCDS (VAGCOM)

9- Central Electronics
16- 31347
Left side inner:
Change [8] Leuchte23sl HLC10 – Lichtfunktion C23 from Not Active to Brake Light
Change [10] Leuchte23sl hcl10 – Dimmwert CD 23 from 0 to 100
Right side inner:
Change [8] Leuchte24sl HRA65 – Lichtfunktion C24 from Not Active to Brake Light
Change [10] Leuchte24sl HRA65 – Dimmwert CD 24 from 0 to 100

VAG COM tweaks are only advise for experienced users please make a copy of all origanal setting incase you make a mistake !!!