Okay No Golf but a TT Ambulance

    audi tt ambulance london
    audi tt ambulance london

    This Audi TT ambulance / Rapid responce was spotted in london this week. Do we like or is this an over the top waste of money ?


    Thieves allegedly jumped on a medic and stole his private ambulance last week in London.

    The fluorescent Audi TT, capable of going up to 150mph, was used to carry out home circumcisions and is clearly marked out as a medical vehicle, as can be seen in the picture above.

    But that didn’t stop robbers ripping the car keys from the driver’s belt after he visited a patient in Barking, east London at around 5.15pm on Thursday.

    Meir Taub, a friend of the victim and a member of Shomrim neighbourhood watch, said: ‘When he came out, three suspects approached him and they covered his mouth.

    ‘They robbed his keys and his watch as well before taking off in his car.’

    It was later recovered at a car park in Newham.

    Scotland Yard confirmed the theft and said no arrests had been made.