Awesome GTI Now an Official Liberty Walk Appointed Supplier



Awesome GTI Now An Official Liberty Walk Appointed Supplier

Awesome GTI, Manchester’s foremost VAG specialist and tuner, has just announced that it has added another string to its bow in the form of an agreement with Liberty Walk. It means that the highly regarded VAG expert will now be the North’s official Liberty Walk supplier, and that Awesome can supply the latter’s incredibly exciting bodykits for a number of popular cars, including the Audi A5 and Audi R8.

The pairing of Awesome and Liberty Walk makes a huge amount of sense, as both firms have managed to carve out enviable reputations within their respective sectors. What Awesome’s team of engineers and techs don’t know about making Wolfsburg’s finest go like the clappers isn’t worth knowing, while Liberty Walk has spent the last decade developing jaw-dropping bodykits for some of the most exotic and exclusive cars money can buy. Awesome is therefore ideally placed to offer Liberty Walk’s portfolio of Works and Fighter bodykits, particularly as some of Liberty Walk’s most popular products are for Audis and other models under the VAG umbrella.

There’s a very good chance that anyone reading this will already be well aware of Liberty Walk and its extreme bodykits for the likes of Lamborghini, Ferrari, Audi, Porsche, Mercedes and many others. The company has made waves not just for the outlandish appearance of its kits, but also the materials used in their construction and the quality of their fit and finish. Customers can opt to have their pride and joy clad in kits made from either glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) or carbon fibre reinforced plastic. No matter the material used, Liberty Walk kits feature imposing front and rear diffusers, side skirts, wings and bulging arches, the latter intended to house suitably gargantuan alloys. What’s more, all these component parts can be specified individually if the customer prefers, giving scope for them to create a truly unique looking car.

Not only is Awesome ideally placed to supply Liberty Walk’s outlandish creations, it is located within a superbly appointed workshop stuffed with cutting edge tools and machinery, meaning that customers can (should they wish) treat their car to further tuning work, chassis upgrades or a service. It’s just a small part of the comprehensive list of services that Awesome is able to offer its customers.

“We’re hugely excited to be working with Liberty Walk and proud to have been selected as an official supplier,â€� enthuses Mark Ash, MD of Awesome GTI. “We’re equipped to provide prospective customers with the whole range of Liberty Walk creations, and can even arrange fitting through our established network of trusted bodyshops and specialists.â€�

Those interested in purchasing a Liberty Walk kit for their car should head over to the Awesome GTI website. The firm is able to offer the entire range of kits, while the modular nature of the packages means that customers can pick the parts that best reflect their tastes and personality.

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